I have been wanting to start my own website for a long time but coming up with the right idea and type of content I wanted never came to me. Until I realised I like cooking, I like taking photos, I like making websites, so why not start my own food blog? Ingenius…

I have been cooking since I was about 10 or 12, cooking the dinners during the week for my mum and helping with the weekend hot breakfastes.


One of my favourite dinners growing up was curry, especially with those tiny taters (canned potatoes) mmm… A close second favourite was my mum’s fried rice. I remember trying to cook that myself and could never get it as good as her, until I finally asked her what I was doing wrong, and of course, I left out the chicken stock! How could I forget? And now I even cook it better than her (she doesn’t agreen, of course).

After I finished school I decided to further study IT, and one of the subjects was web design. I had a lot of fun making websites, I even started my own website about fish tanks and how to clean them. It wasn’t much of a success as i was still learning at the time. Be it still fun and exciting uploading my own content to the big wide world web.

Since then I have been thinking at the back of mind what is a good niche I can start a proper fully functional website about? It took me years to think of the idea.

So my obvious love for cooking with rice led me to the idea of this blog. Why not start my cooking website about rice?